I’ll have what she’s having

Airport performance is evaluated by departure data, while airlines are ranked by accurate arrivals. CCOs will use Medicaid as a pilot program but expand to accommodate a larger population if the transition from the FFS model is successful. Microsites can be valuable to a large brand that needs to distinguish unique services or cater to a specific demographic. For the first time ever, the Oregon Food Bank distributed more than 1 million emergency food boxes to families in need.   

That was likely the most disjointed statement you’ll read all day. So if you’re sitting there scratching your head and trying to connect the dots, you can stop. It’s not supposed to follow any pattern or logic.

Oddly enough, that’s how a typical day at a public relations agency tends to unfold. We constantly shift gears to accommodate new assignments, as these tiny nuggets of information organize to form a collective whole. Though my agency covers everything from health care reform to the airline industry, we must develop an expertise in the product or service offered by each individual client.  The success of a campaign depends upon nuanced research and a relentless pursuit of information – not to mention the occasional ability to “fake it.”

I don’t mean to imply that everyone in our industry feigns proficiency at his or her job. To effectively represent a client and communicate its value to stakeholders, you cannot get by on mere pretense. In fact, the professionals with whom I’ve interacted are all incredibly talented and dedicated to their work. They each possess the motivation and patience to succeed, understanding that the learning process is not a static, meaningless endeavor. It will be overwhelming at times, but re-education is vital to the comprehensive – if fragmented – knowledge that clients expect of their public relations team.

This is a beautiful thing: It means that each day will feel new. It means that each day will be a challenge. Most importantly, it means that each day you will leave the office a more capable employee than when you arrived that morning.

…Or you could just fake it and count down the minutes until happy hour. 



By James Watkins


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