Settling In

Well, this is the view from my first hotel in Amman so far. A flight delay from Heathrow to Amman and some general confusion conspired to throw off my arrival plans last night. Luckily, I met some students from the other CIEE study abroad program and managed to get settled into a room at the Bellevue in downtown Amman. It wasn’t until this morning that could get in touch with the program director and meet up with the correct group to begin our orientation itinerary. Needless to say, no amount of preparation can really prepare you for studying abroad – the last 24 hours have been a prime example. By the time lunch rolled around*, we had already visited the Roman ruins atop the citadel, the ancient amphitheater below and walked through shop after shop in the downtown area of Jordan’s capital. Unfortunately, I didn’t know our itinerary when we left so I have no pictures of any of it. Don’t worry though, they’re all mainstream tourist destinations – Google images can easily provide you with a few points of reference. I already feel more confident in my ability to hail a cab, order food, exchange money…The most important skill to acquire immediately, though, is to respect the maniacal driving habits of local Jordanians. I spent a solid twenty minutes this morning just watching the controlled chaos of dawr al-thanee (Circle two) in front of our hotel.

Ana asif (sorry) for the lack of images so far, hopefully I will be more proactive now  and snap some more low-quality iPhone pictures in the coming days. Still, I’ve probably slept a grand total of ten hours since leaving Rocklin, so please don’t expect too much. I’m looking forward to the next week – campus tours, class placements,  host family introductions and more luggage shuffling still await!

*Lunch today was absolutely unreal. We were already full from pita and myriad dishes of hummus, olives, dip, and cucumber/tomato salad, when we realized that the main dish and desert were still to come! Against all odds, we managed to consume a delicious plate of steak, chicken, onions and peppers, savoring the pure excess of Jordanian cuisine. I guess you could say it helped to settle us all in.


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  1. Judy Hart

    We so enjoyed your latest update. And feel we are getting a wonderful view of your new life via your writing, which by the way is quite colorful & descriptive. We can actually visualize the maze of uncontrolled traffic. Good luck next week at the University. Hugs, G & G

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